Boardwalk Empire - "Urban Projection"

Digital Kitchen


PRIME helped the creative team from Digital Kitchen visualize their concept of an interactive urban projection that would transport a person from present day back to the 1920's world of "Boardwalk Empire." Beyond the visualization, PRIME’s work also included locating projectors within the environment.


Google Spotlight Stories

VR Experience

PRIME teamed up with long-time collaborator Justin Lin to visualize a unique VR experience for the Google Spotlight Stories series. This was immersive storytelling in its most pure form. Our challenge was to explore how to stage the action and move the camera in a manner that made the most of the 360° experience.

Intel CES Keynote - "Leviathan"

5D and Intel

Augmented Reality Event

Alex McDowell approached PRIME to help visualize a live Augmented Reality event that would take place during Intel’s 2014 CES keynote address. The goal of the work was to find the ideal scale, speed and motion for the whale within the auditorium, then map out key vantage points for the AR experience.

Monaco (Grimaldi Forum) - "Bubbles in the Wine"

GL Form / Imaginary Forces


PRIME played a central role in the design and planning for this large-scale art installation. Incorporating the design work from GL Form and video content from Imaginary Forces, PRIME created 3D templates so the team could evaluate how the video content moved across the various surfaces, and how it interacted with the architecture of the installation. Once the design was finalized, PRIME prototyped the projector setups to ensure that the fabrication could achieve the desired projection effect.

MoMA - "New City"

GL Form / Imaginary Forces / Alex McDowell


Working as the conduit between the architectural team and the content team, PRIME built a 3D model of the installation, which included positioning each of the 12 projectors. By simulating the exact throw of each projector, PRIME created templates so that the content on each screen would align perfectly with the adjacent screens, creating a seamless immersive experience. The projector placements and alignment templates were used in the final installation and were integral to the success of the project.

Seattle Art Museum - "Mirror"

Apologue and Doug Aitken Workshop


Working closely with Apologue and Doug Aitken, PRIME explored a variety of LED configurations that would transform the exterior of the Seattle Art Museum into a "living kaleidoscope." Once the final LED configuration was selected, PRIME executed a series of animation tests to determine how the video content would move across the facades of the building.